Reasons to make your website successful online

Online marketing is the marketing that has the same marketing results in only 4 areas, namely Product, Price, Place, Promotion, live chat osg777 but online marketing has added two additional areas, Personalization and Privacy. This is a combination of traditional marketing that increases the capacity. Can of technology Formed a new market element Can enable online businesses to directly reach target customers Helping business owners save money, such as on products About staff And businesses can trade 24 hours a day because there are a lot of internet users on a daily basis. Enabling businesses to increase trading volumes at all times However, business owners must have an understanding of their own products. Public relations channels Setting clear business goals To make the development of online marketing media most effective.

Marketing ingredients consist of 
1. Product: A
business that has a website that is beautiful, exciting, but the product does not meet the needs of customers. Therefore unable to generate revenue for the business, therefore manufacturers should have to analyze their own products About what the form should look like Product use And target groups or buyers.
2. Price The
business should focus on setting the price appropriate to the quality of the product. Regularly check the price changes of nearby competitors. Which must consider the weight of the product Shipping distance The price must be specified by customers in each country if they buy products from our business. How much does it have to be purchased? To help customers make product purchases faster However, the person who sets the price Must consider the cost of production to cover the cycle Or various risks that may be
3. Distribution channels (Place)
Finding a location for creating an electronic commerce website Like having a store name There is an internet term called Domain Name. There is no physical restriction on the internet. In which the customer must enter the store by remembering the store name Should choose a name that is easy to remember If there is an opportunity to open a trade channel as usual, it should be done concurrently. To build confidence for buyers Having that website Will be useful for providing basic information to customers before making a purchase Or can be repeatedly purchased
4. Promotion (Promotion)
Promotion on the website is what is known as Banner Advertising. It is similar to printed media. But will show on other websites such as website promotion by registering on the website Online product auction After sales service is also important because it can impress customers. And may come back to buy products again Or may tell friends To be able to use the online store service of the seller to continue
5. Specific Services (Personalization)
With internet technology, websites created Able to collect information of each customer Can provide personalized services to each customer And use data mining computer software to analyze the relationship in purchasing products of each customer As well as offering cross sell products. In addition, these technologies can be developed to provide customer service by telephone using the Call Center system.
6. Privacy (Privacy)
when trading products through the internet. Buyers must fill out their personal information and send it to the seller. Therefore, the seller must keep the confidentiality of these information. Which must not distribute various information Of customers before being allowed Which website administrators need to create a reliable security system that This information will not be stolen. The seller must specify the customer privacy policy or Privacy Policy clearly on the website. And strictly abide by that rule

Doing business online is another good option, whether it is to expand marketing, take time to promote products quickly Resulting in reduced promotion time Reach customers thoroughly regardless of whether they are near or far And most importantly, save on promotion costs when compared to other media Apply online marketing In your business, look

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